Getting Ready for Ho Ho Holiday Season: Nyx Cosmetics Beauty Bar

Getting Ready for Ho Ho Holiday Season: Nyx Cosmetics Beauty Bar

Aloha everybody!

Ho, Ho, Ho is here again without barely noticing it and now we remember how much we still have to do to to get ready for it: buy presents, food, think of clever answers to the “where is your boyfriend” question, prepare all those looks to look even more gorgeous during parties and family dinners. Well, I can’t solve all of them but maybe I can help with the presents and the looks.

A few days ago I decided to visit one of the Nyx Cosmetics Beauty Bars in Barcelona. I was there with my mother and we both enjoyed of an evening together, between brushes, lashes, lipsticks and very kind professionals. I highly recommend it and this is how I lived it:

Choosing the look

Zoe was our stylist for the date and she was 100% adorable since second 1. As this is a uni-personal service, with personalized products and styles, she started with my mother while I could sit next to her, listen, watch (even take notes!) and see magic happen. And then the opposite when it was my turn. The first thing they do is ask for the look you want. While my mother chose something more natural, I wanted a bolder one that I could wear in my everyday life but also change a bit and wear to a party. You can also choose the Xmas look you are thinking of, the super top eyes you have seen on YouTube or a fantasy make up to impress them all. Options are endless so don’t hesitate and ask what you truly want or need. And have fun! As you are in front of the mirror, you can see the whole process, learn the steps, movements, tricks (I finally learnt how to do the eyeliner without creating a mess in my face!) and ask as much as you want.

All the products will be chosen depending on your skin type and tone and you can’t imagine how important it is. I was already using the foundation they proposed me but I was using the number 10, when my perfect tone is 7. So mine was 3 tones darker. Big fail! Zoe told us: Don’t fear the line of color between your face with make up and your neck without it, if you are using the right tone, there won’t be such a line. AND THAT’S TRUE.

At the end of the session the result is a perfect and professional make up, you can buy the products they have used to create it, and of course other ones too, enjoy of the discounts that they provide with this service and go out and rock the city with your look.

So here you have a few pictures of the experience and the result of it. Yes, this beauty is my mum!

Would I recommend it? Of course. Would I repeat? Sure, because they have other services like a friends party for groups, so I can still try new looks with them for special occasions. Is it expensive? I would say the price is symbolic at the end. It costs 65€ but it includes products for that value, so at the end, you will pay for what you buy, without an extra for the service. If you buy products for 85€ you will only pay 85€ and even have some discount (not 65€ + 85€). And if you want to buy products for 50€, you will have to pay 65€ anyway, so you better buy something girl! In addition, with a certain amount of products you also receive a free makeup case.



Let’s go with my choices and the presents

I have promised it and I will try to help, so if you are thinking of beauty products as the perfect present, here are some musts and special items that can make the perfect gift. (I will recommend the ones I’ve tried but of course they have maaany more amazing stuff) You can find them or buy them by clicking on the price or in the shop at the bottom of the post.

Beauty Bar: The experience. This is an amazing experience to gift if the person loves makeup. Just think if the present will include the products that will buy, because the budget can vary a little bit. (Initial) Price: 65€

Makeup Case: If you are a makeup lover, you need a place to put it all together (or at least part of it) so a professional case will be a good and useful choice. You can buy it empty or fill it with some products for a better impression. Trick: if you buy a certain amount, you get it for free. So think about it. Price: 49,95€

Primer: Don’t underestimate the need to prepare the skin before putting on some makeup. Soft skins and pored skins have different needs, so here you have both options. Soft Skin, price: 15,90€ Pored Skin, price: 16,90€

Foundation: Very personal choice depending on the coverage you are looking for, and you really need to know the right skin tone. If it is a present, I recommend bringing a pic of the person you’re buying it to, with the skin as natural as possible. For the coverage choice, this is why I propose this one, with dropper, so that you can have different levels of coverage. Price: 15,90€

Dark Circles Corrector: Ok, maybe it is not the most romantic and perfect present, like “Here you have, for your dark circles babe”. BUT it is useful and needed so if you still want to buy it. This one, for different skin tones is TOP. Price: 6,90€

Finishing Powder: For a perfect result together with the foundation, this powder provides a final porcelain skin effect, and it doesn’t seem like you’re wearing makeup at all. Price: 5,95€ now

Highlight and Contour Palette: Yes! Because it works as a finishing powder, but also has highlighter and darker tones for a super contour effect. Go for it! Price: 20,90€

In Your Element Shadow Palette: Are you fire, wind, water or metal? I’m definitely Metal. Color, contrast but easy to wear and combine in your daily routine. And with the perfect party mood you will need this Xmas. Price: 20,93€

Glitter Goals Kit: If metal is not enough for your party look (and in my case it is not) you can ad a bit (or a lot) of sparkle and glitter to it. This kits stick perfectly to the skin and provide the Hollywood Diva appearance you’ve seen in all of those tutorials. Price: 12,53€

Slip Tease Color Lip Oil: Lips are always my most adored part of any makeup so I’ll show you 2 of my faves. This Oil is creamy and long lasting and you can choose between 13 tones. I have the  Lowkey – Tea Rose, powerful but natural and a good choice if you wear eyeliner, mascara or decide to enhance your eyes.

Liquid Suede Metallic Matte: I had never seen something like this before! I can drink, eat and kiss as much as I want and this lipstick will still be at its place. Magic! In my opinion, it’s the best option for darker or intense lip colors, as I don’t want them to be easily removed and show the natural color under it. Mine is the Pure Society Color but all of them are TOP! Price: 7,90€

These are my Choices this time but I will update you if I try new ones because these ones are really worth every cent. This 2018 choose beauty with quality, be proud of who you are and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Merry Xmas babes! As always, I hope you have a lovely week and wish you all a glittery day!


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